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bracing style, bridge, and string gauge


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I was wondering if a modern gibson acoustic with vintage style bracing and rectangle bridge would be better suited to medium strings compared to those with modern braces and belly bridge? reasoning that the strings of the past were heavier and the gits were built with that tension in design, maybe mediums would work better on one style better than the other? just curious...j 29 is my example

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As far as I know the only Gibsons to have historically accurate bracing are the Legend Series and I believe the occasional limited runs such as those 2013 Banners. The main choice you have with stock Gibsons is not the carve but the footprint - forward or rear shifted bracing. But I have been known to be wrong before (say it ain't so, Joe).


Regarding strings going back to the 1950s they were not gauged as we do it today. The manufacturers would gauge a set of steel strings say 739 to 745 which I think translates into a medium gauge. I have some 1950s strings for electrics which are gauged in the 900 range. The strings though would be wound on a round core as opposed to a hex core so exerted less tension on the neck. I am not sure when round wounds became more common than flat wound strings.


My favorite Gibson bridges are the rectangular ones. Once upon a time they were built thicker on the bass side. I am not sure whether Bozeman still does that or not so you will have to wait for somebody else to chime in.

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