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2008 Classic Gold Top help

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EDIT - I found the answer, within the booklet was tucked away the original packing slip




I have been trying to locate the specs on my Les Paul for a while now and the only time I see it online, it is already sold. I called Gibson and they only told me it is a 2008 Classic Gold Top. This guitar does not meet the standard characteristics of any Les Paul Classic I hear. The serial # is 082455 and it is a Gold Top with yellowish white inlays and tuning pegs that are almost grey in color, the truss rod cover is all black, the pick guard does not have a 1960 on it, the knobs are full rounded knobs not top hats, in the light the inlays are actually white more than yellow. There is no snot green of any kind on the guitar as most Classics are known to have, it came with a tan Gibson USA and all original manuals, plush purple liner with satin cover over the guitar. Headstock has Gibson up top with Les Paul model in the front and MADE IN USA 2008 stamped on back below the serial#. What kind of Classic is this and what kind of pups are in it, they are all black and look like 498R/500T sets. I have opened the pot cavity and looked and it is a legit Gibson, but it doesn't fit any specs I've read others have. It sounds great and I love the guitar, just need more info please?

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