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1983 Heritage Series Les Paul Standard


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Ok Les Paul fans.. I have a stumper for you.

I bought new in 1983, a highly figured top Les Paul Standard from a local music store in Rockford Illinois. This Les Paul has a 5 digit ink stamped serial number #9 0015. I kind of knew this was a special guitar. (Because it has a sign on its saying it was special and not to touch it.) I bought it. After I had the guitar a few mo's I went back and asked the then salesman what he knew about the guitar and said not much but suggested I write letter to Gibson Corp and explain what I purchased, from whom, and provided the serial number. I did that and I did get a letter back from Gibson (Which is now unfortunately long lost) which stated that what I had was a "Heritage Series 1959" Les Paul Standard made in Nashville Tn and made to Leo's Specifications from the now closed Leo's Music (Leo's Professional Audio) in Oakland Ca. The letter went on to say that there were a limited number of these made and most of these guitars went overseas to the Japan market. but a very few of these remained in the United States and I was "Very luck to have gotten one" according to Gibson. This guitar does not appear to be a Heritage 80's, nor is it a "Leo", nor is it a "Players" Les Paul. This guitar does not conform to typical catalog specification, however, it was made at a time when Gibson was making numerous limited run Les Paul for a variety of dealers according to George Gruhn.


Guitar Facts:

It has an ink stamped 5 digit serial number with "Made in USA" impressed into the wood on the back of the headstock below the serial number.

The electronics covers in the back are brown and covering the controls on the inside cavity is the all familiar metal 'can" typical of 1983 production.

It has a highly figured two-piece curly maple top, Indian rosewood fingerboard with white bindings on top edge of body, mahogany neck and back, cherry sunburst top finish and uniform cherry red stain finish not the neck and back.

Vintage replica tuners, and two Tim Shaw pickups with the patent number impressed on the underside and ink stamped 137 683 and 138 383 dating to 1983.

The tone and volume pods are stamped with the code 1378312 indicating they were made in the 12th week of 1983.

The output jack plate is metal not plastic.


Can anyone verify this information I have?


Aaaaaaaand GO!

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