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2 or 3 weeks ago, I sold my 2017 PRS SE Custom 24. I got it because I was wanting to possibly mod out both it and my purple 30th Anniversary SE Custom 24 and do something different with both, but out of the 2 SE custom 24's I have I played the purple one a lot more and I played the 2017 SE the least out of all my PRS', so I parted with it. Sold it and got this Soldano 2x12 at one of my local music stores. I know they come with Eminence speakers, but I was told this one has Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. I don't care if it has Eminence or Celestion speakers in it, this thing sounds amazing! Now, I was thinking about a head for it. Do I want a low wattage mini or a 50 watt head for this? The owner of one of my local music stores has known me forever. My dad is a drummer and he has been going to that store since he pretty much opened, which was around a year or 2 before I was born, and has known me since I started playing at 8 back in 2000, so it has pretty much turned into a good friendship. He let me take a Vox Night Train home to try with that cab and if I didn't like it he said to bring it back the following Monday. I like the Vox. It sounded good. But, it wasn't what I really wanted. So, I took it back an began my internet search. I considered a Peavey 6505 mini, since the store had one sitting on top of that cab for a few days, but the owner came back and got the head. I was like, "Well, crap.", so I looked at some other stuff. I considered ordering a new one, but wanted to look some more and also looked at a PRS MT15 during my search, too. I got to thinking about Krank amps. I remember they got huge quick and everyone and their mother was sing them and I remember seeing them all over Guitar World and other mags and they suddenly fell off the map and then they eventually closed. I've always wondered what the deal was and I always wanted to check one out. So, I looked on Reverb at Krank stuff and found a Chadwick 50 and a Rev Jr. that I thought would work good for this cab. I leaned toward the Chadwick and was about to pull the trigger on it and then I found a MESA Single Rectifier Solo 50 50 watt head and was like, "Hmmmm." and decided to look more into that series. Now, I'll admit I never was a big MESA fan. I know someone who has a Dual Rectifier full stack and I've played it countless times and I just couldn't really warm up to it. I did and didn't like it. I don't if it was the way he had it set or what, but it sounded on the muddy side to me. I decided to look up some YouTube videos on the Single Rectifier Solo 50 head and actually liked what I heard. Sounded like it had more top end than the Dual to me and it is a very simple layout, which I like - I've always been a plug in and play guy. So, I went back to the ad on Reverb. It looked in amazing shape and came with a cover, too. It was for $750 and made an offer a little less and the guy took it. It also has Ruby tubes in it, by the way. So, it arrives at noon today. Take it out of the box, sat it on top of my Soldano 2x12 cab, and grabbed a guitar and let it rip. Holy crap! I was absolutely amazed. I like how it sounds a lot, but aside from that I was amazed at how loud tis thing is for 50 watts. This 50 watt head on a 2x12 cab EASILY keeps up with my Marshall 100 watt half stacks and full stack. I honestly wasn't expecting that and I kept the volume between 2 and 4. She's a keeper! The cab is, too. Who knows, maybe I'll get a MESA cab one day. [biggrin] I think this head has changed my view on MESA. Anyway, here's a pic:


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