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New - The Raconteurs Double A-Side release


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Better musicians in Raconteurs

Yes totally.. Even according to Jack White, the White Stripes was just kind of an experiment to see what they could do with just the two of them.. And while I think it was amazing what they did, I always thought Jack deserved a proper band, and then The Raconteurs came along.. Much better :)


I know hes in The Dead Weather too, but I much prefer The Raconteurs.

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Ok, I haven't given the Raconteur's there due - so need to do a little homework before I can compare, but I've got to give props to the White Stripes. LOVE THEM!

Ohh I think they are really good.. Broken Boy Soldiers and Consolers of the Lonely really are excellent albums... Its similarish to The White Stripes but with the input of a full band.


The thing with me and Jack Whites music I find is that his music really grows on me.. I don't always like what I hear the first time but then find myself with a riff or chorus stuck in my head all of a sudden.. It nearly always happens with his music..


Love these.. Lots of noisy guitars and pounding riffs.


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