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What do you do with your guitar parts after you swap them out


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Ok so do you guys think it is important to keep the original guitar parts that came stock on a guitar after you have swapped them out or do you sell them? I know some collectors want to keep everything original but if your not planning on selling the guitar after the change over, what good would the parts do just sitting around? Just wondered what some of you guys thought.

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I save all the parts and put them in labeled parts bins.

Can’t tell you how many times I have needed a pot, pick up, single tuner or switch to repair some ones guitar.

I have stacks of Fender , Gibson, Gretsch pick guards, and boat loads of acoustic pick guards , pick ups, tuners, that I have swapped out for one reason or another.

The acoustic pick guards that I save are used as patterns to make new pick guards , as once they are removed really can’t be reinstalled.

I even have bins for different manufactures screws, nuts, and input jacks.

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I keep everything with it for the most part ... for all my guitars (even the inexpensive ones). One day in the year 2112, someone may stumble on to one of my old guitars in some cave somewhere, and they may need that stuff before they show the guitar to their local high priest to "see what it can do". It could happen...



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Only thing I ever change out are guitar strings, I throw those away!! LOLmsp_flapper.gifmsp_thumbup.gif



Same here.


All my guitars are bone-stock.


And to the original point, I keep all the original case candy, receipts, truss rod adjustment tools, factory literature, and such things. Just in case I ever sell the thing.



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