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What do you do in times of great stress?


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I can't wait to see big bill's response to this question!


When stress tries to enter my life these days I just remember some sage advice from a famous orator from the 90's named Walter Sobchak "F it man. Let's go bowling."

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I too smoke cigs and get all pissed off and pace around when I am mad too. But, If I am real mad, I hop in my street rod truck and take it out for a spin with the hammer down. The loud pipes, big rocking cam and smell of exhaust and to top it all off with the torque pushing me back into my drivers seat really is great therapy. After all of that I am in a way better mood.

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I listen to Dinosaur Jr live gigs from YouTube...no kidding they always make me feel much happier really fast!...and I read stuff that inspires wanderlust in me like Henry Miller or the Beat guys and lose myself in reveries of other (simpler) times and places. We have a new art gallery in 'town', so I should probably start dropping in there too. Hmmm...seems my common theme must be taking my head somewhere different and nice - finding my happy place! [biggrin]

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