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Atten. Thundergod: How's that red Tele working out for you?


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You know, it arived last week (friday) I went out of town and left it in the box (didnt have time to take her out and play a little with her). I returned tuesday at night, and didnt go to the studio so no playing...


I have been up to my head in work and haven't even had the chance to take some pics of the box, and the guitar; I did however take her out of the box and give her a try (unplugged and then pluged).


Aesthetics: PERFECT, it is a little darker than the pics I found on the net showed, which is a good thing.


Tone: very good (haven't changed the strings yet so it could be even better), it has SD p-90s, will have to check fender's site to see which ones and then SDs site to see what's special about them...


QC: very good (as with almost everything fender puts out), there is a little thing in the back of the headstock that bothers me... but ... wait, that's just J. A.'s signature (dont remember the guy's name right now... last name is either atkins or adkins from one of those kind of new bands I've never heard about).


Features: Everything a Gibson Les Paul freak would want in a Fender Telecaster, and everything a Telecaster freak would want in a Les Paul...

2 vol 2 tone, 3 way switch selector "in the correct les paul position" (would have liked them better if they were cream), tune-o-matic style bridge and gibson style tailpiece... they look good, and feel good, they were suposed to be "chrome" but they look a little darker IMO.


Price: $800, a little too much for a non USA made fender (made in korea, no hard case), but it looks like a quality instrument and feels and sounds good... the price isnt that bad if you consider an american standard telecaster is going for about $1500 here right now, courtesy of our friendly commie government thiefs that came with this new tax out of nothing a couple of months ago: any and evey "luxury" article must pay from 15 to 70% (depending on the article) extra when entering the country... obvisously as they are commies anything and everything is considered a luxury article (even those 4K cars made in india).




My first impresion has been even better than with my other tele (usa 60 ann ash tele), when I got her I wasnt that sure about her... played her a lot before falling for her... Not this one, just taking her out of the box and playing her unpluged I knew she was a keeper.


I'll try to take some pics next weekend, not sure I will but at least I'll try, and you'll be the first to get them...


...so... when are you ordering yours?

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They had one in a local shop here. It was gorgeous. I didn't play it though' date=' and I could kick myself now. It wasn't there for even a week before some jerk bought it.


I think the price was between 7 and 8 hundred. [/quote']


Really? When I ordered mine (locally, a couple of months ago) they were selling for 650 at GC and MFs... they didnt have any in stock tho... :-k

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Really? When I ordered mine (locally' date=' a couple of months ago) they were selling for 650 at GC and MFs... they didnt have any in stock tho... :-k [/quote']


This is just a small local shop. They have a higher price on the tags, but you can still haggle with them.


I may also be wrong about the asking price. I wasn't really looking to buy it, so it isn't really clear in my mind what the price was.


I already have a "Tele", and a guitar with P-90s, so it really wasn't a must have guitar. I would like to get one though, eventually. They are a very captivating design.

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prices have actually gone up on all things guitar from most of the major manufacturers over the past year!


i bought a melody maker just 6 months ago for $389 brand new now they go for $489

i bought an epi casino a year ago for 599 with hard case and now they go for 699!

my les paul VM i bought in 08 for 899 and now they go for 999 brand new

my 62 AVRI strat i bought new about a year ago for around 1300 and now they are going for 1400 plus!


i think its just how the market is...which isnt a necessarily bad thing if you bought guitars already...if you are in the market...my advice is either get soon before prices go up again...or look to the secondary markets!

thinline teles are fun and sound smooth as hell...i almost bought one and then decided i wanted a 52 reissue...then ended up with a 62 reissue strat...but theres a custom shop rosewood tele that george harrison played...not the exact same guitar but same model for around 4000+


one day soon i hope!

thunder...enjoy the hell out of that twang!

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