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Though I've been a fan of Gibson for most of my life because of certain guitar gods I've only recently owned [two]. I bought an '06 Firebird V and a month later a '12 SG Standard. Both seem to have the slim neck which I absolutely love. What I've always wanted is a Les Paul though. I don't want to pay for a Standard or a Custom ATM so I've been looking at the Traditional and Classic. I don't want a thick neck which, from what I've read, seems to be more likely found on a Traditional than a Classic. True? It would be nice if there was a resource somewhere that lets you plug in your serial number and it gives you all the specs of that guitar. So far I haven't found it. Are there any generalizations than can be made for either model regarding necks?

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I have both a firebird and also a les paul traditional pro 2. Some tradintionals have extra coil splt and boost options and others are just regular humbuckers and standard controls. Now if your looking at used and the seller knows what they are selling then I would ask them before I made a purchase about the neck profile. I just purchased a 2013 les paul traditional pro 2. From what I understand, there were 2 models of of the traditional pro 2 that had a 50's style neck and all the other colors had 60's style neck for the 2012 to 2014 years. The classic seems to have the 60's profile neck. Of course if you could play them before you purchased them in person you would be able to tell. However since I too am new to the traditional les paul models, I asked questions as well in the Gibson USA area of this forum. I have learned a lot and most of us are willing to tell you what they know too. Also here is a great site that can help you determine some details of the les paul classics and traditional models too.




My traditional has the 50's profile and I love it. Although I think I would be just as happy if it was the 60's profile too. My firebird seems to have a slightly wider fretboard with a slim taper style. That is closer to the 60's profile but it seems it is a bit wider.


Sg standards seem to kind of change from time to time. I have had one with a 60's style neck and my other one seems a bit chunkier but not so much as the 50's profile.


That website link will give you the specs your looking for I am sure. All of the colors, options, neck profile, either weigh relief or not and finishes are listed. You just click the picture and it will give you a great reference spec page.


Good luck.

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