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2000 turquise Wildkat wire harness


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I own a turquoise 2000 Epi Wildkat that gets ignored amongst some of my other guitars. I have read that more current models of this guitar sound muddled and dark!!?? I would love some feedback from anyone who owns one of these early versions to address if there is any noticeable improvement from a rewire job. Look forward to hearing from you.....if any other details are necessary I will gladly provide....thanks in advance.

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Just an update for anyone who peaks in to this post: I did rewire my 2000 Epi Wildkat with amazing results. I replaced the switch and endpin jack with Switchcraft brand and used Gavitt vintage braided 22 gauge wire. I also replaced the stock cap with a Sprague Orange Drop.022 cap. Outside of a few shorting issues that needed correcting it was not as hard as expected. I am very happy with the results and feel it was worth it for a guitar I won't part with. I'm not concerned with devaluing the guitar by changing the original stock wires/parts...as stated, I won't part with it. Thanks for tuning in.... [thumbup]

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