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Please help ! I recently purchased the Epiphone PR 7E that I have been hunting for years.

The problem is that when I bought this guitar from guitar center it did not come with the battery pack sleeve or whatever its called that the 9volt battery fits in and the battery cover was missing also where someone had stolen it, now I bought it anyway because I wanted the guitar but now trying to find this piece knowing it would be difficult because its out of production, but hoping someone on here may help with some information as to where I may be able to find these parts.




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An Internet lookup of a PR-7 acoustic electric on eBay shows that the model used an e-sonic preamp. If I were first place to start would be e-sonic’s website at www.e-sonic.com. On it, under Products it shows a heading of battery accessories that includes battery cases. If I were you, I would then go to the Contacts setting, where I saw a toll free number. From that, call them and tell them your dilemma and hopefully they will be able to assist you or point you in the correct direction. Also, you might try calling Epiphone as, although they no longer make the PR-7, I believe they still use e-sonic and Nano-flex and Piezo acoustic guitar amplifying sound equipment (which a PR-7 on eBay is described as having), so hopefully either Epiphone or e-sonic can help you get what you are looking for.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted here on the forum of the outcome.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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