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LP Classic 1996?

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I am trying to identify a Gibson LP Classic. I have attached some images, hopefully it works correctly.


Serial number: 69952


The following description is written on the original bill: Les Paul Custom Shop 60 Quested Top Royal Blue (it is the description of the dealer. I don't know if it is the right one).


Another information is that the serial number refers to a Les Paul Classic plus, with a quilted top, in midnight blue, with nickel hardware, from 1996, made at the Custom Shop in Nashville.


According to a service certificate the model number is: LBPQMBNM or LPPQMBNM (the second letter is hard to read)


Maybe one of you can help me to identify this Gibson exactly. Besides, I am thinking about to sell this guitar. Has anyone an idea of a realistic selling prices in Europe?




post-97454-062083500 1546168482_thumb.jpg

post-97454-076385700 1546168476_thumb.jpg

post-97454-022082900 1546168489_thumb.jpg

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I'm almost certain that it's "LPPQMBNM".


That would mean, literally, Les Paul, Premium, Quilted (Maple) top, Midnight Blue, Nickel hardware, and Mother Of Pearl inlays.


Or, it might mean, Lovely Palomino Pony, Quietly Meandering By New Mexico.


One or the other.


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