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Head-stock stamping standard

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I recently joined here because I thought that the participants here may be able to provide some definitive answers regarding rampant counterfeiting. I recently asked the following on the Stack Exchange site (see https://music.stackexchange.com/questions/78133/what-is-the-expected-orientation-for-gibson-guitar-headstock-stampings). Here is the summary:


Recently I saw a (reverse) headstock photo of a Gibson guitar where the serial number was stamped in the traditional "horizontal" style, but the "Made in USA" was stamped "vertically". I've never seen that before, and it made me suspicious. (The tuners look unusual as well.)


Can anyone verify that they've seen similar stampings on a legitimate Gibson guitar? That is, serial number and "Made in USA" stampings oriented at 90-degrees to one another. Here is another example that I just found: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Gibson-ES-175-Guitar-/222766009457


As discussed in the comments, I would like to learn whether or not this is a valid possibility.


Thank you,

Kirk A



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I don't see anything that raises any red flags. That looks to be a 1979 ES-175 and all the ones I have seen over the years have had the "Made in USA" sideway like that. here is another I just found, if you scroll to the last image you will see the orientation is the same.



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I just reviewed the photos of a bunch of authentic 1979 Gibson Les Paul head stocks (the rear view), and I can't find a single one that features that sort of stamped imprint arrangement.



It is not a Les Paul, it is a ES 175.


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But to be fair, the original poster didn't describe a specific type of Gibson, and he only offered that one link to that one ES-175 as an example of which round peg might fit into his hypothetical square hole.


The ES-175 was not the object of his concern, I guess that's what I am saying.


But you guys are the pros here.



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Ah, okay.


I will stand aside and allow the true experts to chime in then.




haha, I am no expert by any means. ;) , this is just a random 79 ES-175 photo I pulled off google



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