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Animal rhythms


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On 2/17/2021 at 3:42 AM, OrdinaryNimda said:

This is a really great question. Besides, can anyone DEFINE the concept of music (or any art, for that matter)?


I once attempted this in another forum I was in......    to whit-----

An alien spacecraft lands on the white house lawn.  After the initial panic, it's determined the aliens mean no harm.  So the president and other major dignitaries of the country hold a huge ceremony welcoming them to our planet and country.  After the customary speeches, the present Marine band strikes up a rousing Sousa march.   The aliens clasp their hands over their ears and in fright dive to the ground.  The alien leader then asks, "What are those terrifying weapons they are using to make that terrifying sound?  What manner of weapon IS that?"  And the president says, "Oh, don't worry.  They're just playing some music."  And the alien leader asks,  "Music?  What is music?"  

What would you tell him?  [wink]     And speaking of animal rhythms.....

And some animal music I enjoy....


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17 hours ago, sparquelito said:

My Amazon parrot, Jackson, used to squawk and sing along to the birds in this song. 



I used to have an African Grey who would sing along with any music, but at the time I was in a Doo Wop band and he absolutely loved it.   It was great running through my setlist to practice and have that kind of energy - like he was my little audience.  

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