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The Value of, or Lack Thereof, of "Seconds"?


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Hi All,


I have a 1978 ES-175 that sounds great but is a little worn. I am 78 and I just passed it on to my son. It is a "Second" and has that stamped on the back of the head stock along with the serial number. I paid almost $2,500 for it.


Being a 1978, I assume it was most likely made in Kalamazoo. I have heard they had great quality control with very high standards and that "seconds" were so good they were usually offered first to employees but I do not know if that is true.


I am wondering generally about the value of "seconds" produced by Gibson. Particularly whether or not they may appreciate over time in a way similar to other Gibson's of the same age and model.


Any ideas or insights? [confused]


Thanks, Scott

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