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Hello everyone here.

I am writing from Italy. About seven years ago I bought from USA a Gibson L5, no pickup, that, as shown in the label inside, appears to be built maybe in 1947. The guitar was in almost good condition, just some dings and small crackings here and there on the top, but anything was and is ok. The only issue is that the celluloid pickguard is bent just in the middle and it was attached on the top towards the wooden bridge rather crudely, maybe with some terrible glue. And, more, the upper side was not fixed at the bottom of the neck (as I think it should have been) but screwed up on the top too. So now I would put the guitar in a better condition, restore it in some points at least. Can someone tell me if I can get a new pickguard, even a plastic one, well done, so that I can replace the original? Some shop is selling that?

I have attached some pics of the L5 I am writing about.

Any other kind of suggestion about the guitar will be very appreciated.

Thank you anyone for reading this and best regards.


post-14441-036722500 1546720312_thumb.jpg

post-14441-080420600 1546720324_thumb.jpg

post-14441-026806500 1546720350_thumb.jpg

post-14441-078387400 1546720367_thumb.jpg

post-14441-014876300 1546720377_thumb.jpg

post-14441-039715100 1546720406_thumb.jpg

post-14441-044413400 1546720419_thumb.jpg

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