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I'm looking to buy a used Gibson (online) from GC. Don't have a serial number (employee said they are not allowed to give out that info -WTF?) However, looks very much like an ES-335 BUT-- with a single - that's right, just one - diamond shaped sound hole on the upper bout. I can't find out anything about this model, and Gibson says they can't help w/o a serial number. Anybody have a clue?

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A couple of thoughts:


> Every Midtown I've seen has had two standard F-holes. Tops are flat rather than arched.


> On numerous occasions, I've asked for and received the serial number for a guitar from GC when considering a used item & trying to assess it over the phone. There is no reason to not give it out, given the simple fact that if you were in the store assessing the instrument, the serial number would not be hidden.


Edit: I looked at this guitar online. The photos are small, so it's hard to determine much from them, but reflections on the top make it appear that the top might be arched. Don't know what model this is, but it doesn't look like any Midtown I've ever come across. Proceed carefully & investigate thoroughly.

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