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1981 Flying V Bass restoration


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I have a stripped 1981 Flying V bass. I saved the headstock face from paint stripping back then. But there was some bubbling from the paint stripper. I am not sure if I can save the original Gibson logo. I might try taping over it and then sanding, then painting around it.


My question is about headstock decals. How would one obtain one from Gibson? I remember way back before the internet, home printings, etc., you could go to an authorized repair place, and have them verify it's a legit instrument. Then they would contact the manufacture to obtain a official decal, for a small fee.


Has anyone gone that route? Is it still applicable? I would just like to have an authentic decal from Gibson for this restoration. I have sources where I can get decals. Shoot, they are easy to find on the WWW nowadays. I thought I would ask here, before I go to their customer service via email or telephone.


I plan on painting it myself. Not sure what color. The Flying V bass came in black, classic white, translucent blue, and silverburst. I've been painting my own guitars/basses for 11 years now. I'll need pickups, new tuners, and a new pickguard. All easily obtainable, albeit aftermarket. I'll post the progress/results here.


Pretty cool bass. I played one, Silverburst, last Dec 2018 at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA. That experience rekindled the flames of me wanting to restore this after almost 27 years!

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I have the 1981 Gibson parts catalog. It doesn't list the V Bass but it lists many others. All of the basses in this parts catalog use 300K audio for volume and 100K audio for tone. The exception being any bass that had active electronics or low impedance pickups.

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