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What's the current standard close to?


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Well, spec-wise they'd be fairly close to the late-60's Standards, like the Angus Young model. The Krieger model has a little more "rounding" of the horn tips, and a little more tapering as well of the horn tips, but less beveling like the majority of late-'68 through '71 models.


Slap a Maestro Vibrola on a USA Standard and paint it the right shade of true cherry and you'd have a pretty convincing late-60's style reissue actually. I'd buy that before I'd even touch a Krieger model, mainly because regardless of the fact that it specification-wise is THE ONLY "reissue" style SG they make that's truly HISTORICALLY ACCURATE in comparison to what it's supposed to represent (aside from the choice of nickel hardware instead of CHROME...how did that slip through???), I don't like overpriced, pre-aged "new-beater" guitars. Gibson could slap the Maestro on both the Standard AND the '61 Reissue, fix the colors on both and the beveling on the '61 (make 'em like the '99/2000 ones again in that respect, with deep bevels to go with those nice tapered horns), then as far as I'm concerned the Historic series can fade away. It'd actually make, what, 90% of SG fanatics happy to have those two as permanent parts of the lineup.



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