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I Just like Posting Pictures


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Just put the classic pic with the black background as my desk top. Looks good!!!


I know what you mean. I keep switching my background between the three professional pictures. They were taken by First Quality Music before they shipped it to me. It was awesome, I asked for pictures of the actual guitar I was getting because I was a little nervous about purchasing on-line and the salesman sent me 16 pictures of various angles and close-ups.

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I hate to do this, but you guys ask for it (lol).


My 1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard Silverburst.


After all these years the burst has aged from

shiny silver/black into dirty, dark bronze/green.


All the black hardware is still 100% original.


I only changed the pickups and electronics since

the stock active EMG 85 pups were too much for



These days I prefer a creme pickguard over the

stock black pickguard because of the change of

the Silverburst color.



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I Just like Posting Pictures...


You say that like its something to be ashamed of..


Great axe's




Not ashamed' date=' not ever. Just posted these pictures before, but thought it was time to start a new thread and also get in another plug for the calendar. LOL'](*,)

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