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Hello from Virginia


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Hi there.


First post here although I've been lurking for close to a year. I figured it was time to introduce myself.


I started playing guitar in 1973 and played for a about 8 years until life/work/house/children got in the way. I got my first Les Paul in 1974 - it is a 1972 Custom that I recently got back from my oldest son. Yep - I still have it from 1974. I stopped playing around 1981 and just picked it up again a few years ago.


Of course, now that I have time and money to play, my hands have developed problems (trigger finger and arthritis) but I keep plugging away. I hope to someday be as good of a player as I was in the late 70's.


Prior to the return of my Custom I purchased a few other guitars. I have a 2010 Studio that was customized before I got it. There's also a 2018 Tribute Gold Top, a 2018 Classic Gold Top, and a red 2018 Faded T. And my wife gave me a 1972 ES-175 for Christmas.


I have some other guitars but those are the Gibsons in my life. I'm trying to sell my Martin 12-string as I just can't play it any more and it will probably be replaced with a new L-00 Studio.


Anyway, that's my story so far.


Thanks for letting me join in the fun here.



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