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Mike Fraser

Epiphone AJ30CE VS (Made in Korea)

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I bought an Epiphone AJ30CE VS acoustic/electric guitar in Seoul, Korea back in 2003. The serial number is R02E0309. I think it was built in the Peerless factory in Korea.


The salesman told me it had a solid spruce top.


I am trying to determine whether the back and sides are solid or laminate mahogany, but it is difficult with the sunburst finish.


Does anyone know if the AJ30CE guitars have solid or laminate back and sides?






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Mike, there's some good & not so good news here.


First of all, your guitar was indeed built by the Peerless factory ('R' serial number), which has a very good reputation for their build quality.


But the salesman was incorrect about the top. AJ series guitars with a solid top from that period were denoted with an 'S' after the model number, such as AJ-18SCE.


Back and sides in the AJ series utilized laminates. This does not take away from the fact that these were well built instruments, which represented a good value at their respective price-points.


Edit note: The 'VS' in you model number stands for Vintage Sunburst, not to be confused with the 'S' mentioned above to indicate a solid top.

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