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Pickup covers on...pickup covers off? not again...


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I know its an endless debate, but this time im talking more along the lines of scatter wound pickups (the kind built by a master [seasoned average joe] who knows what the ancients knew [aka the PAF], and not the machine measure wound bull they're passing off today as product-not to say they are all bad though>blah, blah, blah


Anyone have experience with this? I know there isn't a huge difference in tone and etc., but would like to know if a bare pickup vs a covered (tightened up airspaces with potting>the right way) or the other way around has its advantages (hand wound wise).


And if you're curious, I have finally converted over to Sheptone pickups (AB customs)-then end all of tone i believe...*b...


"Anyone else believe the Gibson your granddad knew is moving out for a robot (all digital)...I guess this is to the electric, what the electric was to the acoustic of some sort> you can't replace either of them, but many are trying"=d>

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I know its an endless debate' date=' but this time im talking more along the lines of scatter wound pickups ..yada yada... [/quote']


There's a third option, except that it's difficult to find.

There are pickup covers made of plastic that leave the pole pieces open, add no magnetic flux changes, but still keep crap out of the coils. They first showed up on the Yamaha SG2000 (which is essentially a Les Paul-like guitar, but neck through, with a tummy cut, and with a double-cutaway). No, I don't know where you could find them, but the SG2000 is still produced...


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