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P90 height adjustment?

Bill SoCal

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I have a brand new Les Paul special with P90s. I wanted to play around with the height adjustment from where it was when I received it. Tightening the 2 screws downward seem to lower the pickup, but when I loosen the screws it doesn't seem to raise it. The screws only raise higher above the plastic cover? Is something wrong here or am I doing it wrong?

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Hi and welcome to the forums....[thumbup]


2 main types of P90 in general use.....


'Dog Ear' which look uncannily like Dog Ears.....usually screwed in to the guitar top and only adjustable by individual pole piece


'Soap Bar' which look uncannily like bars of soap....usually mounted in a screw adjustable mount slightly deeper in the guitar top


Perhaps check with your vendor or take to a shop for advice if unsure









PS Looking at the Gibson site at '57 Reissue LP Special....soapbar P90's are fitted and should have adjustment both up and down assuming there is enough available height either way...….[thumbup]

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The "Dog ear" pups can be (not easily) adjusted for height as there are spacers now available for them in various (.062 .100 .125 .187 .225 maybe more) thickness / heights. It's a PITA but worth it if dogear pups are too low for you.



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