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Loose strap button screws on basswood guitar


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This is probably a newbie question and guitar is my seventh and latest instrument so I guess I'm still a newbie at it.


I have a basswood guitar and the screws that hold the strap buttons come loose after a night of gigging. I thought of gluing them, wrapping teflon tape around the pegs (tried this, didn't work), wood putty and a few other ideas. But never encountering the problem before I'd like to fix it right the first time.


What is the best way to do this?




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I had this problem once and used wood glue to firm up the fit.


Some say use some matchwood in the cavity also.


If you are concerned about the screw then being difficult to remove (it shouldnt be if the screw is smooth and not corroded etc), I suggest using some plumbers tape around the thread before screwing home.

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The classic way that a woodworker fixes this problem is to remove the screw, and add one or more toothpicks inside the hole (depending on how much the hole needs to “shrink”)


The idea with the toothpicks is to make the hole smaller so the screw can properly bite, just don’t make the hole so small that you split the basswood by the pressure of the screw


You can add a bit of wood glue or not, the toothpick will provide the necessary friction


Very easy, one minute fix

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