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Jeff Parets / The Acoustic Storm R.I.P.


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Jeff Parets passed away in November. I just found out.


He was the program director at a free form radio station in the East Mesa/Phoenix metro area in the early 80's. KSTM "The Storm". A great guy and one of the reasons I went into radio for a while and am still a radio junkie seeking out unique radio shows.


He went on to build the syndicated "Acoustic Storm" which was heard all over the Country.


I'm sure some of you have found his show in the many years it aired.



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Murph, I think I used to hear him on the radio when I drove OTR for Swift. The name rings the proverbial bell. For several years during the 80's my primary route ran from Swift's terminal here to it's terminal in Arizona and then I'd usually follow Interstate 5 up to Oregon. Some of the westcoast radio I'd start picking-up in New Mexico. If I'm thinking of the same guy, he would focus on a particular artist or type of song. Lots of good DJs back then, but some of them stood-out from the pack. Sorry to hear of his passing. Sounds like he made a good impression on a lot of people and that's a good legacy to leave.

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