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LR Baggs Element Plus for sale

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Hi All,


Most of you know that I just recently had a KK Pure Mini installed in my 2017 NOS J45 Standard.


Would any of you be interested in buying the LR Baggs Element Plus pickup? I had my tech remove it carefully so that it could be used in a different guitar etc.


I'd like 110 or Best offer, and I could ship it anywhere in the US.

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perhaps not selling and keeping it with the guitar would be good for the future...100 bucks can be gone in a minute but getting rid of original parts lasts forever...

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I have a Baggs Element p'up in my '18 J-45 AG, and I like it pretty well.


But now I'm interested in the perceived difference in the tone that you get

with the KK pickup. I'd like to hear about why you decided to change it

and how you feel about it now.


For anyone interested in the Baggs element, I'll recommend it.

To me it sounds better than older types of Piezo. I run mine through a

Fisherman pre-amp with an EQ and a sweepable midrange, and it seems

easy to mix and very natural sounding. The Element is the stock p'up

in my '18 J-45 AG.

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