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1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard DC


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Hello, I just purchased this guitar a few months ago. It is in pristine condition and actually plays and sounds like a dream. Serial number translates to 1998. Lightweight with the chambered body and lots of tone. I see it's been reissued w/3 control knobs; It does not seem to be an uncommon guitar; but I cannot find out much on mine. Can anyone help elaborate? The neck is very reminiscent in shape of my old 54 gold top; but not quite the baseball bat. It came in the Gibson ART & Historic LP guitar case. Thanks!






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I have that same guitar, but mine is a little newer (01 or 02), same color as yours is. Mine has the 60's slim taper neck and 24 frets, chambered body and gold hardware. I didn't care for the 490 pickups, so I changed them out to a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck, and a SD Pearly Gates in the bridge. I also changed the volume pot to an RS guitar 500K, this mellowed out the sound of this guitar a bit, because I always thought it was a bit on the bright side, but it sounds good to me now. I think it's an underrated Gibson Les Paul, but that’s ok because that keeps the price reasonable.

Anyway, enjoy it, it's a nice guitar.


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