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2008 Les Paul Custom Candy Apple Red Update


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Well the thread I started on the neck tenon that is on this candy apple red custom 2008 I purchased last week, SteveFord suggested I contact Guitar Center Headquarters about it. I did that last friday and in the meantime today I call Gibson Guitars again and talked to another rep trying to see if he would dig a little deeper for me on my new LP Custom. Well all he could tell me was not anything other than what I kind of knew already. So after talking to him a bit more he said that he cannot tell me due to privacy laws. What the heck did that mean. Well I asked him if he knew the specs for a regular 2008 Les Paul custom. And he told me this. Solid body, 490 and 498T pick ups, ebony fretboard, gold hard ware, standard bridge and tailpiece.and standard colors. Again candy apple red was not a standard color for that year but I asked him again and he confirmed that. So today I received my reply from the rep. at Guitar Center Headquarters who asked me to email him what all I knew about this LP Custom of mine and to send him some pics. And again I thank you SteveFord for the advice to do so. Again after reading this email and from having cars sales experience I understand why the Gibson rep said he could not say anything esle as it was against the rules. Well that rule may have something to do with privacy laws. So, this is as close as to what I am going to ever find out about my new to me 2008 Candy Apple Red Les Paul Custom. I took a snap shot of the email on my phone to share with you guys here on the Gibson forum. I am very happy with the guitar by the way and if this is all there is to it, I am cool with this info from Guitar Center as well.


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Thank you Pippy!!


I knew this little red headed step child was something special from the start. But I am proud to take her and make her feel at home!


Thanks for the update with this latest info, Tim.

It's a unique - effectively Made to Measure - one-off! Congrats yet again!





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Well I know for sure this one is not going anywhere but I did think about selling the firebird!!! Ha HA but I may hold on to it for a little while longer. I do have a 2007 SG 61 RI though that is not going anywhere. That one has actually became by beater if you will because it has some little signs of "LOVE" here and there on it. So I do not mind taking that one to practice or whatever. But this new red CAR one is not going to see much action out in the world if you will. I am old enough to know that if things stay home, things have less chances of getting a little ping here and there!!


Success and score!


Don't go selling this one.

Don't sell your Firebird, either!

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