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Wait for the new 2019 Gibson’s?


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I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the 2018 Tributes, but at this point I would wait and try some of the new 2019 models. Some are available now (through Sweetwater anyway) and should be getting better store distribution shortly. From what we've all read the 2019s are going to be great especially if you liked the old 50s and 60s style Les Paul.

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I want to buy a Les Paul. I was thinking about the 2018 Tributes that are still around.


Is this a good guitar or should I wait for the new 2019 Les Paul models coming out?


For 2019 I'm seeing LP Studio Tributes in multiple colors, the CherryBurst looks great! , Sweetwater has them in stock at $1,199.


Nothing wrong with 2018 Tributes, an awesome axe! Should be able to still find them new around $899 or less if you're lucky. They only had two choices last year, Honey Burst and Gold Top.


I picked up the gold one. ;)




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