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What Happened To The "LIfestyle" section???

charlie brown

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Wow, one's gone for a bit, and they remove the "Lifestyle" section (and news & Forum), on the Gibson Website?


Is this permanent, or just growing pains, with the new ownership, and restructuring?


Curious=nosy minds, want to know! [flapper][biggrin]




Hey CB, hows tings?... Don't know.. Can only think its the new management.. Gibson are a guitar company, not Apple :)


By the way. Have you seen the new 2019 SGs? Ive been wanting your expert horn taper opinion ;)




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Seems the entire site has been gutted. I used to love looking at all the past, present, out of production, etc. guitars and all the details about them...


But now, each category is limited in scope. The SG section is kind'a sparse, for one. I know there are more SG models than what's being shown! Oh, well. The only thing that stays the same is how things will always change.

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The Gibson Lifestyle Business Model seems to have gone with Henry.....


I think there is a lot of confusion on Gibson. Models & pricing.. Although that isn't really new...


There are Std. Models & CS Models.. We're waiting to see how the new Model Line will Roll out & the Pricing for all Models..


As for Gibson American SG with Maestro these are also available....MAP $1899.00... I saw them at NAMM & even though I'm not an SG Guy i would like to have one..





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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, lots of changes! Some are cool (scaling back on too similar models, etc.), and some are disappointing,

like price increases, etc. But, that's par for the course, I suppose? [tongue]


Yeah, the '64 SG has all the right bevels, and horn tapering, as near as I can tell!

The 2019 '61 seems quite decent, in that area, as well. And, considering the current

price structure, is the more affordable, at $1,799, since the CS '64 is well over twice



Even so, I still wish the Best, for Gibson, "die hard" fan, that I am, in spite of the

silly prices! [tongue][rolleyes]


Cheers, ALL! [thumbup][biggrin]



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My question has been for a while now...


What the hell happened to the site, in general???


No more all-inclusive run-down of all previous years' models, Limited Editions, Out of Production.... specs, etc., etc.? Only 2019 models—and even those are not complete, by any means.




OH, I see I replied to this thread a couple weeks ago! I knew it sounded familiar. [laugh] But it appears as if that "Lifestyle" section is back!

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