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Blues Custom 30 tube question

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I have owned this amp for 2 years and just now got around to getting a 5AR4 to switch out with it. I pulled the old tube and it is a 5R4 old GE tube. I put in the Sovtek(Russian) I had gotten and I noticed it is not as booming nor as hot as it was. Maybe it needs to settle in. But, I wanted to know is 5u4GB dangerous to put in these? I googled it and got nothing back by 5AR4 links. I saw on Fender forum ppl switch the 5AR4s all the time for the extra sag with no problems or nothing needed. Is this also true with this amp? I kind of liked the sound of the 5R4, it was different, kinda nasty sounding, but when I looked up the NOS for this tube, it's only $9.99

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