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Introduce Me To Someone Off The Radar....

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Probably top of the 'should be more famous than he is' is Roy Harper

Part pink floyd part Jethro Tull part cat Stevens part guitar genius

Although just the right amount of oddness to keep him out of any charts and was probably one of those who, while brilliant, didn't have any business sense or indeed desire to be a household name .

A true artist

Led zeppelin certainly seen his talent , heavily influencing them and even being named in their 'hats off to Roy Harper' song

Out very own forum member from down under is obviously fan 'flatbaroque and berzerk' is a fine album


Stormcock is my favourite though , and you should all check him out



I'm fairly sure almost all of you will have heard him perhaps unknowingly as it is Roy Harper who sings on 'have a cigar' on pink Floyd's wish you were here

Not David , not roger .... Roy

Read that he just started his last tour this March. First gig yesterday - next tomorrow.

Wish his vintage spirit luck



R.H. by the way played a John Bailey during the early years.

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I am smitten, absolutely smitten by

- and this particular performance, in particular. Sounds like they could be on the stage of Les Cousins in 1965, which will get me every time ...


Oh, and Darrell Scott together with Tim O'Brien is not to be missed!

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With her Mom. Talk about making a righteous noise.




Boy, the acorn didn't fall very far from that tree, did it?

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