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This baby arrived today. Not an expensive Strat, just a little MIM version but I have craved one for a couple of years and the prices finally came down so went ahead and ordered one from Sweetwater. It has all the features that I like; locking tuners, double string tees, truss rod nut accessible from top of guitar (an old one I had you needed to take the neck off to adjust and if you didn't get it just right you got to do it all over again), synthetic bone nut (does that mean plastic?), maple neck and fingerboard, ash body, and most importantly NOISELES pickups.




But the biggest reason I wanted one of these is this little button between the tone controls:




Press that when you are in position 4 or 5 and it kicks in the bridge pickup, so in 4 you have all three pickups running and in 5 you have neck and bridge which is sort of like a super wide humbucker. So all the regular Strat tones plus a couple extra.


I know, I know, blue is not always a favorite, but almost all my other guitars are blond or natural so went for something different. Came well set up and polished and can't find any blemishes anywhere. May want to lower the action a little, but I'll play it some more first before messing around with it. Then it will be a day or two programming my Eleven rack to dial in the sounds I want. Good project during these cold times. [biggrin]

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