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Vintage Question ES-345 and ES-150


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Hey all,


I'm a Fender guy, so I don't know a lot about Gibsons other than the basics, but recently have had an opportunity to buy a couple Gibsons. The first is a 1978 ES-345 TD. The guitar looks like a 335 although it has a 345 sticker in the F-hole, but it doesn't have the gold hardware. Any idea what might be going on? Hardware is silver in color and is likely chrome, though I haven't had the guitar in hand yet. My guess is it's a 335 and they put the wrong sticker in the F-hole. Does this decrease the value? Guitar is in excellent condition, so what could I expect for it on the retail market?


The other guitar is a 1955 ES-150 -- any key issues I should examine to make sure it's all original? And what would this guitar be worth on the open market?


I'm not sure what to offer the guy for both where I can make a profit. Thank you.



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One thing I notice in the photos of the ES-150, is that the strings are uneven. There is more space on the bass side than the treble. I have seen this in images of other 150s (most actually), and wonder if they designed it that way, or if the neck or tailpiece has moved on all these guitars? What would be the cause of the strings not being centered?

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