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Whitesnake - "Shut Up & Kiss Me"


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the song title reminds me of something that happened to me once.

i dated a girl one night, and brought her home for...the evening. after...some activities... we sat in my room burning a joint with a buddy who lived there also. she ended up going out with him the next weekend. we weren't exclusive, so i didn't mind.

well, after their date, he brought her home, i assume for some activities of his own.


she instead marched straight up to my room and began to undress. i said to her "hey, i thought you went out with mikey tonight?"

she replied "just shut up and f**ck me right now!" well, who am i to deny a lady in need?

the next morning she woke up hungover in my bed. she asked what happened and i told her. she was more embarrassed by the way she voiced her request than by what she actually did. we had more sex, and then she snuck outta there while my buddy was still asleep.

my buddy said he was kinda pissed that he took her out but she gave me the goodies, but at least he didn't blame me for doing as requested. [flapper]

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