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Is this Hummingbird real?

Buc McMaster

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You bet yer tail it is! Played every Gibson in the place, including five different Hummingbirds and this one was head and shoulders above the others tonally. Blue would not be my first choice in acoustic guitar colors but as I've said before, playability is #1 and tone is #2........everything else is cosmetics. Looks do count for something and this blue ain't so bad......it's different. I'll leave the factory electronics in it for now but the Grovers gotta go. Little setup work tonight and this one will be stellar!



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Don't know about the strings yet, BR........have to experiment to see what works best on this particular instrument. DR Sunbeams on it for now after the initial setup work. They do sound very good but I intend to try Retros when the keystone machine heads arrive. Rotomatics make the thing quite head heavy and just ain't right on a Hummingbird, even if it is blue. Peeled the pick guard off as it was lifting on a couple corners........looks very nice without it and I may end up just leaving it off. The factory guard is solid black with white paint, not the tortoise-white/yellow painted traditional Hummingbird guard. However, I did find these guys that make excellent looking guards. Via email they confirmed they will make a left handed one for me. Might try one of those at some point but I do wonder how the tortoise would look with the blue finish..........just might leave it naked.


Great feel, lots of bottom and mid warmth, plays perfectly...........no remorse here!

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