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Epi LP Standard pickups 2005 vs 2009


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Hi, is it possible that Epiphone changed output and voicing of Les Paul standard pickups? I own two sets, one from 2005 and one from 2009. I don't know the origin of older pickups ut newer are from Quingdao plant. Both sets look the same except polepieces screws. 2005 has more spherical heads and smaller in diameter, while 2009 are little bigger but flatter. Bottom plates, markings, wires and stickers are identical. Even resistance is the same.

What I did notice is that 2005 sound little more like alnico 2, nice glassy, bell like tone, vintage style voicing, and with the same settings on multieffect those sound weaker. 2009 sound more focused, deeper, bassy and little woody. With same settings they sound more powerful, like they have more output.

Is this pickup issue or s it guitar issue? 2005 are mounted in strat, 2009 in Epi Les Paul. Are guitars make such huge difference. Probably tomorrow I swap pickups to see if there is a difference, but I wonder what you guys think?

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