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Help, clicking and popping when bending strings


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Hi everybody,


Sorry to bother you but I have a little problem that I have never experienced before.

It seems that when I bend any of the top four stings (d to e) on my ES-330, I feel and hear a weird clicking and popping sound.


I believe that I have narrowed it down to the bridge saddle but I don't know how to eliminate it.


Can it be the truss rod is too tight?

Can it be the strings need to be changed?

Do I need to lubricate it with a pencil?


Should I just bring it to a luthier or is this something I can fix myself?



As you can understand, this has started to drive me a little nuts...

Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the feedback.


Yes it is new.


I also just had it setup by a luthier who tightened or loosened the truss rod (not sure which) and then I started hearing it.


The thing is I can't be sure this problem wasn't there before the "setup" as I only had it for a week.



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Take it back to this guy and tell him to fix whatever it is that he's done.

^This^ for sure!

Any time one gets something back from a luthier and something is not right, back it goes. Shouldn't even need to question it. No sense in anyone here even guessing.But please do report back and let us know what it was.


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Well that seems to have done it.


I took the guitar back to the luthier and even though when I got there, for reasons that I can not explain, it was almost impossible for me to reproduce the problem...


But after a while he was able to hear and understand what I was talking about.



He told me that it is due to the fact that my strings are old (they are still the ones from the factory which should be over a year old now).


I had bought new strings but have not had the time off, to work them in, until now...



Also, he added some friction removing lubricant on the bridge saddle which immediately resolved the issue.




So that's it people...


If your guitar starts popping and clicking when bending strings more than a full tone, either change your strings or add some friction removing lubricant or both.



Merci beaucoup, tout le monde.

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