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Epiphone EB-3 Short Scale


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I've always wanted a Gibson EB-3 short scale bass like Jack Bruce played with Cream but they have always have been out of my price range.




Last year I found an Epiphone EB-O short scale bass on eBay and discovered that Epiphone did make an EB-3 bass. The problem is that the Epiphone EB-3 is really an EB-3(L) long scale bass.




So I bought the cherry Epi EB-O short scale and decided to mod it.






I replaced the Epi pickup with the DiMarzio mudbucker Model One. Schaller Strap locks were installed. The stock Epi bridge didn't appeal to me so I installed a Hipshopt SuperTone Gibson® Bass Replacement Bridge 3-point bridge:





The bridge just drops right in. Very easy!


I ordered LaBella short scale flat wound strings from juststrings.com and they were on back order for 4 months :( Eek


I found a black Alnico 5 mini-humbucker and mounting ring and had Brown's Guitar Mill in Newnan GA rout the guitar and install the mini humbucker in the the bridge. The nut was changed to a bone nut.






The controls were left with a master volume, master tone and a 3-way toggle switch. I prefer single vol/tone so I was happy. The output jack was moved to the side.




So now I have an EB-3 short scale bass that sounds great! Well worth the time spent to make it. Epiphone should made a real EB-3 short scale bass.

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Hi, I have the Epiphone EB-3 short scale (2011). I have just posted the neck pickup to Bare Knuckle Pickups to have it rewound to c.30 kOhms Mudbucker specification. Upon return,local luthier will fit pickup,replace plastic nut for bone,and set up with Rotosound flats. Hoping for a good outcome for a modest outlay.

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On 11/28/2019 at 2:25 PM, Buke said:

If you don.t mind would you let us know how much $ you have invested in it?

Sorry I missed this.


It's a bit fuzzy now but I paid $145 for the EB-0, the DiMarzio was $90, the bridge was $100, the Artec pickup was $35, strap locks were $25, Strings were $32, and labor was $100.  So that is $527 - Say $550.  Well worth it for me but may be too much for you.

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Noticed your comment that you retrofitted Schaller Straplocks. 

My nice strap will not hold securely to the original Strap buttons on my new Epi EBO, so I tried to install the Schaller Straplock system. 

The screw that secures the original strap-button on the neck/body junction plate is much larger and longer than the screw supplied with the new Straplock system. Not only does it attach the strap button, but it is one of the 4 screws that hold the neck securely in the neck pocket, so I think it shouold not be changed.  The diameter is too large to fit in the Schaller Straplock strap button. 

Did you experience similar complications and what was your work-around?


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