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Is there a way to search this site for a specific topic? I am wanting to see what others do to prevent damage to Gibson guitar finishes from guitar stands specifically hanging stands and the damage caused to the nitro finish on the neck where they hang. When I search for say "damage to finish" or "safe guitar stands" it seems to find those individual words in a bunch of posts that have nothing to do with what I'm looking for. I am very interested in this as a stand that was marketed to be safe with special rubber foam or whatever. It almost totally ate the finish off the neck where it hangs on 2016 ES335 full figured slim neck model. I was lucky, I caught it in time and was able to buff it out. Not having any luck finding anything about this problem. So I am paranoid about hanging my new ES330 61 Reissue. Also any other nitro finished guitar I have doesn't have this problem as it appears Gibson do from what I can find on the net.

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Well, you can go to google advanced search and put "forum.gibson.com" in the spot for "site or domain," then you can search on "all these words" or "this exact phrase" or whatever.


That's a good idea. It seems to work great! msp_thumbup.gif


To bad There isn't an exception for "SG". SG only being two letters and not excepted, kind of leaves the search engine useless for us SG users looking for info. When "SG" is left out the search is overwhelmed with Les Paul results.






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