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St Louis Blues acoustic...


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Thanks All!


Quote a Lonnie Johnson tune: "To Do This, You Got To Know How" [biggrin]


But before you give up body parts, it is quite easy in the key of E. Over the years, I have seen torturous versions by various sadists in C and Bb, not impossible but I still can't do it. But having an open E and A bass in my version makes it flow well.




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This is fantastic BK. And I love the tone of that Blues King, but then again, I'm biased!



Thanks Country BP!


Tomorrow, I will post a photo of when a friend came over with his BK!


2 BKs in the same house! His wife said we should be the Blues Brothers, ha ha.....(but I don’t want to be the fat one, so that ain’t ever gonna happen.)




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very nice BK, how would compare the sound of the two? Rgds - billroy



OK Billroy, here I go......



Mine is way nicer! [rolleyes]


But first off, mine had a pro setup when I first bought it new, still pretty good. I don’t know WHAT has been done to his, but it isn’t that nice to play, probably still factory setup.


Mine cost twice as much plus, bought new. His was a used bargain. He rang me at the time, wanted to play mine again as he was going the next day to try his out. Then in what seemed like minutes, he was back with it.


Now mine has some foibles in the build - slight gap with glue showing at the soundhole end of the neck, the top of the fretboard near the first 3 or 4 frets still has wood saw marks, so escaped the sander, though smooth....and as you can see in the photo, a mismatched top with grain runout under the burst......and the proverbial misaligned pickguard.


Now his was made at the time of the lam bridge and fretboard scare, so a close look revealed all was normal. The previous owner put in an Anthem SL pickup system, way better than the Element in mine.


And sound, I would say mine was rosewood if I didn’t know it as bubinga back/sides. His is most defintely mahogany. He liked the darker rosewood neck on mine. I liked the matched top on his.


His Anthem sounds good and ready to gig, but he takes his Maton! My Element pickup sounds horrid on its own, but through my Tonedexter we are SAVED! Superb.....


Now he has owned his BK for 3 or 4 years and the day of the photo above was Melbourne Cup Day......we were just settling in the living room to get stuck into some serious BK’ing when the women said: “When are you getting the BBQ grill going?” Never played a lick together [mellow] . (have previously though, but the women did everything they could thst day to keep us from playing.).


Edit....I forgot.....I was tuning up one day and my bridge make a creaking noise and split horizontally! Luthier filled it with PVA. Still OK. And he gave me the bridge pins made of genuine drummer’s knuckles!




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