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L5 CES Tailpiece


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I just purchased a 2002 L5 CES. The guitar is truly mint. I will be the second owner. I don't believe it has ever been played. I purchased it to be a Player and not a Shower but there is one cosmetic issue that is driving me nuts.....the plating on the tail piece is worn or faded badly. I've read in some old posts over the Internet that Gibson will still sell you a new OEM tailpiece if you ask nice. Can anyone confirm this? Who do I need to ask? If I were a purist I wouldn't be complaining but I can't help myself.


Any information available would be appreciated.




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Gibson guards the L5 TP like a mother Wolf guarding her pups :-)

I've read on other forums that nice may not be enough, they likely want the old one back AND they're not cheap. It's best to call them and (IMO) right up front offer to send yours in for a replacement to validate you as an owner not a cloner or restorer of an L5 with a 175 tailpiece.



Note the OP with the cracked TP did not get help from Gibson, perhaps it was their approach? At any rate just because it's worn "G" may dust you off. Good reading from another site:








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If the plating is wearing off, why not have the gold and silver plating redone? (This might alter the appearance of the engravings, of course).


I have a Wes Montgomery (2002) and an L4CES (1997), both having the L5 tailpiece. The guitars have been in storage most of their life and have hardly been played. On the L4CES the gold have begun wearing off in one spot near the rear. The thickness of the plating must be extremely thin.


- DCdane



Have you tried anything in an attempt to approve the appearance? If not, I'd suggest trying Virtuoso cleaner and then Virtuoso polish. That'll help to restore some of the luster.



Good luck!

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