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Don't know what else to say here other than I'm really happy with this guy here. Came with all the case candy too you'd expect from the Custom Shop. Super clean, no funny business going on with it whatsoever. First thing I did was use the Gibson restoration kit stuff to clean it up nicely. The kit has a nitro finish cleaner, metal cleaner, and fretboard conditioner. I would recommend getting this if you are interested in taking care of your Gibson because it does a fantastic job with everything I'd say. Nonetheless, the guitar sounds and plays great, looks great, just an absolutely wonderful guitar! Set it up to my liking and now I just have been having a good time listening to here sing through my amp. Overall, a very happy guy here and not much else to say about how glad I was to pick this bad boy up. It's everything you'd want in a Gibson LP Custom, no lie... Anyhow, glad to share msp_thumbup.gif



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Also open an imagur account and post a bunch more pics please!! It is free too


Yeah good call man I think it’s about time I take advice such as yours. I will put some more up later.


Having a tough time sleeping right now - my little baby boy has a tough time sleeping through the night, so my circadian rhythm is all screwed up now. Hence the post at 4am 😊

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