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LEGITCHECK: Gibson Les Paul Supreme fake or authentic

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Hello everybody!


Recently my father came across this guitar. It should be Gibson Les Paul Supreme. He has some concerns about origin of this guitar.


It should be made in 2005 - serial number grailed on the guitar is: 017160562


Can somebody make legitcheck? OR is there any way, how to check it on the internet?


Thanks in advance!

post-98886-082588800 1551213681_thumb.jpg

post-98886-030326900 1551213688_thumb.jpg

post-98886-079599100 1551213729_thumb.jpg

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My toaster is more of a Gibson than this is...



That sets a new record in terms of "Worst Gibson Supreme Fake" ever seen and, believe me, we've seen quite a few monstrosities over the years.

It's like the 'manufacturer' isn't even bothering to try to make it look real. Unbelievably pathetic.


Advise him not to buy it - just in case you were still undecided as to whether it might be a bargain-buy...




EDIT : A couple of added thoughts while we're at it. You don't say whether or not your father is in the market for buying a guitar - merely that he "came across this guitar". If he IS in the market for a Gibson Les Paul then the first thing he should do is to read up on 'How To Spot a Fake Gibson'. There are at least 16 things wrong with that guitar shown just in the first two pictures and ALL of them are mentioned in pretty much every 'fake LP' tutorial on the www.

Second point is that for reasons which are way beyond my understanding the worst counterfeiters ALWAYS seem to try to copy the Supreme which is crazy because it's SO much harder to fake a Supreme than almost every other LP. If your father doesn't know how to spot a fake LP then advise him to steer clear of the Supreme altogether.

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if you can buy it for $50 to use as a guitar in your car.. why not.

I bought a $50 Academy Strat clone to leave in my car, I don't care if it's cold, hot, wet, gets dinged, bumped banged, etc.. it makes guitar type sounds during my lunch time practice.


this "supreme" would be good for that as well, since it's not a 'real' Gibson.


cheap clone/fakes are good for trunks of cars when you have 15-30min wait time for the wife/girlfriend/etc. shopping at the mall.. pull out the guitar, practice while waiting.

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...if you can buy it for $50 to use as a guitar in your car.. why not...

With all due respect, Eracer Team, it might not even be worth that much.


I've only played three Chibsons - two in junk shops and one actually bought by a friend(!) - but all, strangely, had the very same major issue which was that the fret-work above about the 8th / 10th fret was so bad as to make the necks unplayable upwards of that level. A fret-dress might have sorted them out (although there was also a lateral twist on the neck of my friend's example which might have been more problematic to resolve) but the cost of making the things playable would have brought the guitars into s/h Epi territory so to my way of thinking they really are just prettied-up firewood. The electrics, of course, were uniformly abysmal into the bargain.


My mate (who could not, at the time, play a note) bought one simply because it was pretty - and it really was pretty - and dirt cheap but he invited me to give him my thoughts and after noodling on it for just ten minutes even he could see that it was a complete basket-case project and so passed it on to some other hopeful novice.



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a buddy of mine up in canadia has one. he got it as part of a trade deal. it was presented as a chibson, but he would know right away anyhow. he's a repair guy. he's seen it all.

after doing lots of work to it, the thing is a cool guitar. new nut, fret dress, neck adjustment, complete set up, better bridge and tail piece, pickups wiring, etc.

between cost of parts, and what i know he charges for stuff, i would guesstimate it would cost someone well over $800 to do all that. so if someone bought a new one, (i'm guessing they are $300-$400?) plus the $800 in upgrades, you're looking at near $1200. for that kinda money, you can get some pretty kick azz guitars that you don;t need to do anything to at all.


edit: forgot to mention that i've read several people's posts here and there complaining that the guitar came with the bridge not i line with the neck and had to be sent back

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I played a Chibson in a pawn shop. It had a yellow sticky covering the Gibson name on the headstock. They were selling if for $650. It was a pretty nice playing instrument. Total fake, though, obviously... This was a few years ago when they were all over the Internet for $200 or so. Even at $650, it was way over priced.

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