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gibson left me stranded with my robot


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hey all im in a serious mess ... i just purchased a gibson robot second hand came with all acces except for the charger i have been looking for one all over with no luck can anyone please help me find a replacement charger ! im really in a bind i spent my last dollars on this i contacted gibson and they offered me no help at all! they said i had to be original owner to get a charger so here i am stuck with a great guitar but no way of charging it im very disapointed in gibson i would expect some help and they gave me none !! who would think such a great guitar maker would do this to a dedicated gibson fan

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I am an original owner of a LP Robot and somehow lost the AC adapter. Below is response received from Tech Support. I found one that matched the specs at a local electronics wholesaler for under $12.00. If you don't have the "middle box" - the one with the red/green light - then that's a whole different problem.





Thanks for writing. Here are the specs for the adapters. Electronic suppliers that sell adapters should be able to get these specs for an adapter for you.




Switch Power Supply


Input: .5A


Output: 12v dc – 1.2A


Cable – 2 conductor


Plugs – Female = Lumberg NEB 21R


Male = Lumberg XNES/J210




Thanks again,




William Baugh

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Hi, why don't you get in touch with a Gibson dealer to order a charger for you. A dealer doesn't have to explain to Gibson for whom they are ordering I would think...?

Another option is to ask a Gibson Robot 1st owner in your Country or State, through this forum, to order one for you. That person can order one to replace his own so called 'defect' charger, or wants to have a spare one and send it on to you. There has to be trust on both sides to settle this, because there is money involved, but with a bit of good will, this problem can be solved for you.

Good luck!

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