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od and distortion pedals..Never get rid of them


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The older I get the more I believe that every od or distotion pedal has a amp that it loves.I was playing with some friends and my buddys son had just purchaced a new AC-30.I have this Wasabi pedal that I bought 4 or five years ago and never use.I was thinking about sellin it.I used it with the Vox and though I never liked it that much before it sounded incredible with this amp.I had a MXR distortion plus that sounded incredible with a little 60's champ I had and sounded like a buzz saw with any other amp.I had a old Ampeg that sounded great with a Sans Amp but most my other amps sound nasty with it .I'll never sell another OD box again.Sooner or later I'm going to use it.

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