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Lets see top five guitars you know this changes almost daily right but today


Warren Haynes Les Paul honey burst nothing sprcial but my go to don’t need to protect it

James Trussart single deville - all steel dragon

Gibson ES-335 wine

Taylor T5 Koa

Fender Telecater diamond Anniversery - dont know why this one buti like it


Or any of my les pauls really go in and out if the lineup pretty much for no reason



Mcpherson sitka/koa

Gibson hummingbird 62

Gibson J-45

Phoenix guitars custom koa cutaway 000

The cocobolo 000 I made in luthier school


And I love my Gretsch Brian Setzer model its kinda in between lol

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Just wanted to say hello lounge, some of you that have been here for a while might remember me. II used to be on here allot, same old same old with me although I’m selling more guitars then I’m buying now. Heck Ive got my guitar herd under 40 now.


Nice to see you found your way back retro!


40 is a good number,, if you have room for the cases that is!

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