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I bought a 2018 SG Standard HP and didn’t really like the chrome top hat knobs, so I bought some of the clear ones that are on the 2019 version, as I thought it would look better. In the 2 weeks they have taken to arrive from the good old US of A I have started to warm to the chrome ones slightly, and now they’ve arrived, I really can’t decide which looks better.


Esteemed Gibson owners. Please give me your opinion on which option looks best?







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I like leaving my guitars stock, and usually keep the factory knobs that they are issued with for the year released. That being said, I can't stand the all black knobs on the 2017/18 SG Standards and just ordered two packs of of silver top hats for mine :D


I think the chrome knobs on your HP look GREAT! :)

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how about: NONE OF THE ABOVE...


the knobs you should have for your SG are the ones that go

from O to 11.


It doesn't matter if they are speed knobs or bell knobs or top hats... as long as they

go from 0-11. That's the only important factor.


Here's a link:




You only need to go to 11 on the volume knobs of course. So if you agree with me and know in your

heart that no knobs will serve unless they go to 11, just buy the black ones and put them on.


If you don't agree about needing to go from 0-11, then get Witch Hats.

Those are the best knobs. I haven't seen a source for Witch Hats that go to 11, but if you install

witch hats on your guitar, this won't matter.

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Another vote for the chrome ones.


The reflector/top hat are one of my least favorite knobs due to the shape of them, but the chrome looks nice on the guitar.



I just got my HP V in and it has the chrome “gumdrop” knobs, they look nice but they suck for function.


I thought strat knobs sucked...


Time to get into the stash of Fender amp knobs.

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