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LP Junior P-90 pickup

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I noticed that the P-90 pickup on my LP Junior is pretty far from the strings. So my question is: What is the best distance between the P-90 and the strings to get the best sound ?


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Best sound on a P90 is highly subjective. The closer to the strings they get louder and dirtier. Any closer than an 1/8" and you will run risk of the strings hitting when you are playing and make a clacking noise. P90's are very hot, having twice as many windings as other types of pickups and sound more like a really nasty Strat, very different from a humbucker powered LP.


I like to adjust the screw poles to match the arc of strings, starting the low E getting a 1/2 turn, A 1 turn, D 1 1/2 turn, G 1 1/2 turn, B 1 turn and E 1/2 turn.. With the screw slots going across the strings..Then with an adjustable P90, adjust the pickup so the pole screws are no closer than an 1/8".... With a dogear P90 the pole can be raised closer to the string, still using the 1/2 turn difference...


Its not rocket science, if you raise your P90 and it gets too dirty, lower the pickup..


Note: some people don't like to adjust them at all...


Also Note: that the tone control actually provides usable tones. A lot of P90 players back off the tone control a bit for regular playing.

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The single P90 LP Junior is, as many would agree, a minimalist work of genius.....[thumbup]


Many folks would say leave as is.....


Personal experience with dogear and soapbar P90's indicates they are both perfect in their own way


A dogear P90 can be shimmed a la Casino/ES330 if so desired....


Be Happy.....Be Dirty....dry.gif





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